Amlycure D.S. Capsule

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Comprehensively activate the complete digestive system from Appetite, Digestion, Assimilation, and Metabolism by toning the Liver. It also boosts immunity. One-stop formula for EFFECTIVE TREATMENT of Liver diseases such as Poor Liver functions, Fatty liver, Alcohol induced liver damage, Hepatocytes degeneration, etc.

Amlycure DS is the only liver corrective & protective in Desired Strength, comprising poly-herbal constituents that work effectively to correct & protect the liver from diseases and disorders due to different causes. Amlycure DS contains several well-documented and time-tested herbs like Kalmegh, Kutaki, Giloe, Tulsi, Sharpunkha, etc. proven for restoring the normalcy in LFT parameters & enhances the disturbed cellular integrity. Amlycure DS provides a therapeutic concentration of 5485 mg/10 ml in syrup and 4840mg/ capsule, making Amlycure DS more efficacious & medicine of choice.

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