Dr. Pariyanka


Garbhsanskar, Gynae & Fertility, PCOD & UT Fibroid, Skin, Skin Care

Consultation fee

₹500 - ₹5000


Hindi, English

Doctor's Intro


Dr. Pariyanka, an esteemed Ayurvedic physician in Gaynae and Obstetrics specialist, brings 15 years of rich experience to her practice. Renowned for her expertise, she blends traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern obstetric care, ensuring comprehensive wellness. Dr. Pariyanka is dedicated to nurturing health and harmony in her patients with profound wisdom.

Why WhyIVF

  • Availability of 1000+ Ayurvedic Doctors across the country
  • Specialists available for all major diseases
  • Video Consultation available in all the major languages spoken in India.
  • Clinic Consultation available in all major cities of India
  • End to End solution for health needs- Online Doctor, Digital Health Records, Medicines, Diagnostics, Panchakarma, Follow-ups
  • No travel, time efficient video consultation
  • Free follow-up: you can take a free follow-up consultation within 7 days for any clarification

How Consultation

How it works: Video Consultation

How it works: In Clinic Consultation

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