Dr. Hitender Sheoran


Dietitian, PCOD & UT Fibroid, Sexual Disorder, Skin

Consultation fee

₹500 - ₹7500


Hindi, English

Doctor's Intro


Dr. Hitender Sheoran, a seasoned Ayurvedic physician specializing in skin diseases, boasts a remarkable 20-year career. His holistic approach integrates ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary dermatological expertise, offering personalized care for skin ailments. Dr. Sheoran’s enduring commitment and vast experience make him a trusted healer in the realm of natural dermatology.

Why WhyIVF

  • Availability of 1000+ Ayurvedic Doctors across the country
  • Specialists available for all major diseases
  • Video Consultation available in all the major languages spoken in India.
  • Clinic Consultation available in all major cities of India
  • End to End solution for health needs- Online Doctor, Digital Health Records, Medicines, Diagnostics, Panchakarma, Follow-ups
  • No travel, time efficient video consultation
  • Free follow-up: you can take a free follow-up consultation within 7 days for any clarification

How Consultation

How it works: Video Consultation

How it works: In Clinic Consultation

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